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The HustlePost Academy is a one-stop destination that allows you to discover your true passion and helps you build a full time business around it. 

Our membership prepares you for everything you have to face in the world of business - from the idea stage to the final execution.

We aim to fast-track your growth and save you many hours on expensive trial and error by giving you battle-tested strategies for everything you ever wanted to start living your dream life.

Whether you are someone with no idea about what to do, or someone who knows what but is looking for help with the 'how', we've got you covered inside the academy. 

The program helps you:

  • Identify your passion

  • Find your dream hustle

  • Discover your unique strengths

  • Define your business vision

  • Build your product

  • Find great customers

  • Grow your income

  • Build your brand

  • Organize your business and life

  • Perfect your 7 pm - 12 am routine



The entire program is designed to be online. All the classes, videos, lectures, webinars, MP3 files, worksheets, assignments, etc will all be provided to you inside a safe and secure member's only site.

All the webinars, weekly office-hours, and co-working sessions will be conducted on Zoom through an invite-only model. 

Any help you that you may need from us can also be sought inside the academy. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you can so that you can make the most of our offerings.

Saloni and her team of experts will always be available to answer your questions. You can wait every week for the office hours to happen, or you can shoot your questions to our email and get a reply in 24 hours.


The program is meant to be a year-long engagement so that you can start and grow your business with Saloni's active guidance and support. You can do the program at your own pace, but here's what you should know to get a general idea:

The foundation course is offered first on the website, and it should take you 20-25 days to go through that.


After that, 1 monthly power-up course will be released every month to keep your learning going. Each power-up course will take you 2 weeks to finish.  

Along with the courses, you'll be invited to participate in weekly live office hour sessions, weekly co-working sessions, and monthly webinars.


The offerings are divided into 3 main components.




The foundation is your business 101 course. Think of it like a mini-MBA that prepares you to find your passion and grow your hustle in a BIG way. This will be the first thing you'll cover inside the academy.

Module 1: Finding Your Purpose

  • Discovering Your Passion 

  • Finding Your Dream Hustle

  • Personal Goal Setting

  • Drafting Your Business Plan 

Module 2: Finding Your Customers

  • Building Your Customer Profiles

  • The Problem & Your Solution

  • Ideal Marketing Channels

  • Your Social Media Plan

  • Understanding Your Customer Journey

Module 3: Growing Your Revenue

  • Defining Your Revenue

  • Productising Your Services

  • Pricing

  • Building Your 1 Year Financial Plan

  • Business and Finance Essentials

Module 4: Building Your Success Routine

  • Minimizing Your Distractions

  • Introduction to Google Calendar

  • Introduction to Trello

  • Introduction to Toggl

Module 5: Cracking The Next Level

  • Building Your Team

  • Personal Branding

  • Thought Leadership

Monthly Power-Ups are power-packed action-oriented courses that are released every month for the members for FREEThese Power-Ups will be conducted by Saloni as well as other guest-leaders from the industry.

The Power-Up schedule for the next 12 month is as follows --

  • June: How To Launch Your Own Online Course 

  • July: How To Become A Highly Paid Freelance Content Writer 

  • August: How To Get High Ticket Customers Who Pay Big Money

  • September: How To Become A Highly Paid Blogger Even Today

  • October: How To Launch Your Own E-Commerce Store

  • November: How To Make Money By Selling Digital Products

  • December: How To Grow A Profitable Audience On Instagram

  • January: How To Become a Successful Youtuber 

  • February: How To Launch A Successful Podcast Show

  • March: How To Become A Public Speaker and Land Speaking Gigs

  • April: How To Unleash The Power Of LinkedIn To Find Clients

  • May: How To Find Your First 100 Customers Using Email Marketing

Actual Price of 12 Courses: INR 60,000

Price For Students: INR 0.00

The live engagement sessions are an essential part of the academy. While the foundation and the monthly power-ups are pre-recorded, live sessions are a way for members to come together and engage with Saloni and other leaders.

There are 3 main live engagements that happen inside the academy:

  • The Monthly Webinars: Monthly Webinars are connected by senior industry leaders and self-made entrepreneurs on important matters of business growth and personal development. These sessions will be priced at INR 700 for everyone else, but members will receive a new one every month, for free.

  • The Weekly Office Hours: Weekly Office Hours are a way for members to get their problems answered by Saloni herself. One hour of undivided attention will be provided to the group at large, and ever one of your questions will be addressed on a weekly basis.

  • The Weekly Co-Working Sessions: Weekly Co-working Sessions are a powerful way for all the new and budding hustlers to come together and work every Monday with Saloni. These sessions are meant to be an enthusiastic start to the week and serve as a mood-booster on an otherwise boring Monday.

Dedicated Group

You will be made a part of a private member's only Facebook Group where you'll get to ask all your doubts and questions. Fellow members, Saloni herself, or someone from our team will make a point to get back to you within 24 hours.

Weekly Office Hours

Saloni and/or other industry leaders will come live every week to personally answer your questions and give you guidance on your strategy. These sessions will also be recorded and shared inside our group in case you miss attending it when it's actually live.

Co-Working Sessions

Every Monday at 9 pm, Saloni will conduct a 1-hour co-working session where the whole community can come together and work with each other. Seeing all of us work will be a huge boost in morale, especially on a Monday, and will keep us going all week.

Team Saloni's Support

Your ease of access and satisfaction is our utmost priority. If you ever face any difficulties, you just need to shoot 1 email and we'll get it sorted. Team Saloni has some of the most competent people, so won't ever have to worry about a thing when you're in. 



Yes. As a member of HustlePost Academy, you will also be offered a flat 15% discount on all the products offered by Saloni in the future.

A special bonus: All the HusltePost Academy Members will be given an e-copy of Saloni's Dream Life Journal for FREE!

You will also be offered a lot of special discount codes for tools, other online courses, and more.

Esha (Founder, Esha's Life Hacks)

A great teacher is someone who listens to the students. That is totally applicable for Saloni. The entire programme had a discussion kind of format which allowed me to clear all my doubt and tell her about my perspectives. She listened to me, gave her best advices and answered all I needed to know. Having a mentor like her at the beginning of the journey gave me a lot of confidence and boost and I will forever be grateful for this.

Dr Priya (Founder, Meta Care Tribe)

Honestly, that was an amazing experience with Saloni. It just shortened my learning curve so much .

It was one of the very few NO-BS sessions I have ever attended. Thank you so much for guiding in the right direction.

Vidhya (Founder, The Economics of Adulting)

Saloni was great as a guide. She was well prepared with visual aids, materials and examples to discuss. She was open to questions and the session felt like a nice conversation. I got to ask my remaining questions during the Q&A at the end and Saloni patiently answered all of them. The session was wonderful and I have nothing but praise for it.




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