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Look beyond 9-5 to find and grow your dream hustle.

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HustlePost Academy is a one-stop destination to help you escape the mediocre life and look beyond the realm of standard a 9-5 job.

Inside the academy, we arm you with all the business knowledge, and train you to perfect your 7 pm to 12 am routine. Our aim is to help you discover your passion, start your hustle, and grow it big enough to make it your full-time career in one year's time. 

No more bosses, no more fixed schedules, no more unnecessary office politics -- just you, and your dream turning into a reality.

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The academy offers 'HUSTLE 101' course that is the foundation of every newcomer's journey into the world of business. Along with that, one specific power-up course is released every month on a topic that is relevant and important for your business's growth. 

HustlePost Academy also includes bonus incentives like 'weekly office hours' where Saloni and other experts answer all your burning questions in a group live session. We also offer one industry-leading webinar every month, along with weekly co-working sessions with Saloni herself.

Plus, you become a part of the HustlePost Academy community; which means you'll be added to a members-only private Facebook Group to meet and engage with other like-minded individuals.

Are you tired of your 9-5 job? All the fixed schedules, office politics, boss's whims, and more? How would you feel about having your own hustle, where you are your own boss? 

HusltePost Academy will help you discover your passion and will provide you with all the tools you need to make it you full-time career in 1 year.

Is it your dream to sell your own products or services? Do you want to start an e-commerce business but don't know where to begin?  Or, maybe you want to become a coach, a consultant, or a freelancer?

Whatever may be your dream hustle, HustlePost Academy will help you start and grow it BIG.

Are you someone with a lot of household responsibilities? A kid, maybe? Took a career break but don't know how to get back? Or, always been a housewife and now looking to do something of you own?

HustlePost Academy will help you grow your dream without messing up with your schedule. Balance is everything.


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Saloni is the quintessential businesswoman who runs multiple online ventures while enjoying her bowl of freshly made Korean Ramen. She has been featured in YourStory, The Times of India, and on the cover of Failing It Up Magazine.


Saloni is also a well-known YouTuber, a TEDx speaker, and the co-founder of India’s first e-commerce platform built especially for influencers- ‘Upfluen’.


Saloni mentors multiple aspiring YouTubers and content creators all around the world. Personally, she goes by the saying- ‘Ambitious, But Lazy’.



Membership to HustlePost Academy is offered on a yearly basis.

The program is designed to be a year-long engagement so that you can start and grow your business with Saloni's active guidance and support.


Joining the Academy will be extremely affordable. The only fee we charge is to make it a small investment for you, in you. And, the little fees you pay will get you to take this up as seriously as you can.

Remember, investing in your education is the best gift you can give yourself. :)

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Esha (Founder, Esha's Life Hacks)

A great teacher is someone who listens to the students. That is totally applicable to Saloni. The entire program had a discussion kind of format which allowed me to clear all my doubts and tell her about my perspectives. She listened to me, gave her the best advice and answered all I needed to know. Having a mentor like her at the beginning of the journey gave me a lot of confidence and boost and I will forever be grateful for this.

Manolina Banerjee

It was one of the best decisions to enroll under Saloni's mentorship program. Not only I gained more visibility after going through the experience, but I also understood the long term strategies that help a content creator to grow his/her channel on Youtube. Saloni provided all the necessary small details which help my channel to grow every day.  I felt the output of the session was very helpful to understand the hidden facts about growing as a content creator in Youtube and identifying a long term strategy that is sustainable.

Vidhya (Founder, The Economics of Adulting)

Saloni was great as a guide. She was well prepared with visual aids, materials, and examples to discuss. She was open to questions and the session felt like a nice conversation. I got to ask my remaining questions during the Q&A at the end and Saloni patiently answered all of them. The session was wonderful and I have nothing but praise for it.



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