10 People Who Made The Best Of What 2020 Had To Offer

2020 has seen a pandemic, a global lockdown, riots, protests, and the start of an economic slowdown. This year has been a tough pill to swallow in more ways than one. But in this complicated landscape, there are a few people who changed the trajectory of their lives.

While most of us are cheering to see the back of 2020, for some humans the year has brought tremendous growth and success. Despite the rocks and bumps, these superstars managed to be optimistic. They not just adapted to the new reality but also managed to thrive and took the first-mover advantage.

To bring a bit of inspiration, we’re sharing success stories of 10 of them who went against the odds and built their career and businesses in 2020, even under extreme conditions.

We asked them about their biggest achievement in 2020 and that’s how they responded -

Pallavi Hegde - I started my edtech journey this year. I created a coaching program to guide young adults in their career growth and personal development. Later, I expanded my side hustle to help freelancers, coaches and job seekers build a strong personal brand on LinkedIn. Till now, I have helped 40+ people to build their personal brand on LinkedIn and attract clients and jobs they desire.

I would express my gratitude to hustle post academy to give me a direction and help me encash on my skills into something meaningful.

Sonitha - I've been able to start my online business at 18 and to help over 150 women start their journey in the online space - Instagram, YouTube, and as online course creators. I've been able to make 2.5L+ INR in less than 5 months and have successfully launched 3 group coaching programs.

Mansi Pahuja - I joined HPA in July mid and since then there is no looking back. My Passion for Health & Nutrition converted into my side hustle and within 5 months I have bought 12 transformations. This gives me immense satisfaction.

I had the knowledge, certification and experience but how to reach my ideal client, how to have the right pricing of my services and everything else to start my online business is what I learned inside the Hustlepost Academy.

I have made the revenue of more than 50k with my side hustle and the like-minded community I have got here along with my Mentor Saloni Srivastava is the best investment I have made in my life yet.

Rupal Gogia - I launched my 1st digital product (digital productivity planner) and it was a huge success. I had my 1st brand collaboration with one of the biggest names in my niche i.e Unacademy.

Niharika - This year turned my life 360 degrees. I started 2020 with my great performing blog. Gradually, I initiated the work for my Youtube channel. I landed up with 4 clients. But, the major win of 2020 is that I began with my own Mentorship Program and trained 6 students inside this 1:1 Mentorship Program.

Within a small span of time, I crossed the 50K per month bar. Currently, I’m growing my email list massively. Working hard and using all the tactics I learned inside Hustlepost Academy. Thank you, Saloni for everything.

Harshi Jain - I closed 4 clients for my freelancing business within a single month with the help of HPA strategies & processes.”

Varsha Chopra - I joined HP academy in July 2020. I am already a content writer by profession but actively started it as a side hustle since July with HustlePost Academy's learnings, tips, hacks.

Worked with 8 different clients in 6 months, alongside my full-time job. Not merely this, I started my Instagram business handle and now finalizing my website. On a personal level, my biggest win as a super camera-conscious person is facing the camera (even if it is just for a reel for now).

Priyanka Palrecha - I got 16 clients for Personal and group coaching for my mindset and personal growth program. And I am able to generate 38k in the last 2 months through online coaching as a beginner.

Mansi Malandkar - I joined HPA in November. Along with my 9-5 and blogging, I started menstrual education and within a week, I consulted 3 clients. It happened only because of HPA. I am able to find out my side hustle and work on it.

Sheetal Jaiswal - I was very new in the field of social media, I learned buckets of new stuff in HPA. I was able to find out my side hustle which I was struggling with for a really long time. Also, I could get some clients and that's my biggest win as I started earning along with my study. I am really grateful to Hustlepost Academy for this.

Well, they made 2020 their year. Moving forward, we welcome 2021 with more uncertainties on one hand and bigger opportunities on the other hand. So, time is still here.

Instead, if you ask me, the upcoming year is the best time in the history of the internet to start your online business. And that’s the exact reason why you need to understand the importance of making the right decisions in 2021, know the fact that we’re moving towards the gig economy and side hustle is a need of an hour and recognize the relevance of having an online business in this new age.

Hope you make great decisions for yourself in 2021. Happy New Year! :))


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