10 Productive Things You Can Do with Your Time as a College Student

This article mentions 10 productive things you can do with your time as a college student.

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College is an open door to a lot of new experiences. It gives much more flexibility than school days; be it in terms of freedom in choices or the number of opportunities. Apart from academics, you can indulge yourself in multiple productive activities during college, and give self-development a rapid pace. It only requires right utility of your time and resources, to make you stand miles ahead of others with you. This article mentions 10 productive things you can do with your time as a college student.

Read Newspapers

As a college student, you just a few more years before you enter professional world. You may even appear for different competitive exams and interviews in future, for which need you to have deep knowledge of current affairs. If you build a habit of reading good newspapers, you will acquire a good base of knowledge by the time you graduate. You won’t be an alien to many topics that are discussed around you. If you don't want to read actual newspapers, you may consider reading 'Inshorts'- an app that that summarises news in less than 60 words.

How can you do this?: The Hindu, The Indian Express, The Economic Times are some sources.

Online Courses

apart from your regular classes in college, you can look up for online courses or webinars on the topics that interest you, in order to gain additional knowledge of the subject or basic knowledge of a totally new subject. You can go for courses like Anchoring or Writing Skills, Photography, Designing, etc., which may act as a power booster to your resume as well as your personality.

How can you do this?: Edx, Coursera, Udemy (some online platforms)


College is a great time to make some money on the side because your schedule remains flexible and you do have a lot of free time at hand. Freelancing is a great way to start the process. Gain some extra knowledge in the subject that interests you; make an Instagram account where you mention what you do against your name, reach out to relevant people with potential clients, and in no time, you will start getting work. Joining concerned Facebook Groups and LinkedIn groups also helps. The first few jobs you take up may be of low or even zero pay, but it gets smoother and better as you build stronger portfolio.

How can you do this?: Freelancing journey of a teenager, How to become a freelancer


Volunteering is a great way to make a contribution to a larger cause or society. As volunteers, you are generally assigned light tasks, but it can be a great learning experience, especially if it’s a place where you wish to set your career in. Also, it is a great value add for your CV if you're looking to study further or want to add social responsibility to your profile.

How can you do this?: 8 Ways To Volunteer in India

Open Mics

If you have an interest in writing, spoken word poetries, storytelling, drama, comedy, music or singing, or if you would like to speak on stage in front of an audience; open mics are something to explore. You should attend an open mic at least once during college life. And if you like the whole vibe, you can be a regular performer there. Who knows, you might just find something about you that you've always been looking for!

How can you do this? : Some Facebook Pages which updates for these events – YourQuote Poetry, Tape a Tale, The Social House

Learn a Real Skill

College is a time to train yourself professionally in the area that catches your fancy. For example, you can train yourself to be an extraordinary coder by just being regular with practice at home and some help from the internet. This extra effort that you put in your free time can make you stand out from the crowd and may help you carry a side project along with your regular college.

How can you do this? : The Skills Companies Need the Most in 2020 , Online Platform to Learn New Skills

New Language

Learning a new language is always an adventure. Korean and Japanese series are at a boom these days. To keep up with this trend, learning these languages can be an interesting activity to take up during your free hours. Not only for the sake of matching the trend, command over other languages can help you in the professional field as well. If you plan to go aboard, may be in European Countries, learning their language beforehand may help you give a good start.

How can you do this? : Online platform for this - DuoLingo, 8 Simple steps to Learn New Language

Give Tuitions

Tuitions can be a contributor to your pocket money or to the side hustle you are willing to invest in. Not only this, tuitions help you recall the details of the topics which you once studied. This may further help you crack a few questions in competitive exams like UPSC, SSC, etc., as basic questions in these exams are from the topics that are often taught to us as a part of our syllabus for classes 6th to 12th.

How can you do this? : Ways To Become a Good Tutor

Event Management

College is a great time to try your hands at event management. It gives you a lot of exposure as you meet new people, converse with them, call sponsors, handle stage, manage crowd and many other life skills that are invaluable for professional development. The events that you organise can be any of those that your college conducts, or you can always look up for different events in your city. You'll often find many volunteer-driven events on BookMyShow where you can always go and help!

How can you do this?: Tips to become a good Event Manager

Content Creation

You can become a content creator on the internet and provide value to your audience in a niche you know well. The content creation industry is booming at the moment, and now is a great time to step into it! Running an Instagram Handle or a Facebook Page, a YouTube Channel, a Blog or a Podcast as a side hustle can help you give a kickstart to your very own business.

How can you do this?: One stop guide to become a Youtuber , How to start a Blog in 2020

These are 10 meaningful things which you can do with for free time rather than aimlessly scrolling through social media, attending awkward parties or playing games online. Choosing to spend time on any of the above mentioned activities can serve as a life-changer as well.

So, if you are a college student, refer these points and think carefully what suits best for you. Once you decide what would work the best for you, pursue it with all your heart. 😊

Which of these options would be your thing? Let us know in the comments.

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