4 High Paying 21st Century Skills That You Need To Have For Professional Success

The world is constantly changing, and with that, professional skills demanded by employers are changing too. Let's see how these 21st century skills are and how you can learn them.

Written by: Saloni Srivastava

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Even more so now than ever, there’s a need for a specific set of skills that are VERY high in demand by employers, and if you possess them, you’re highly likely to do well and rise up the professional ladder quicker than others.

I say this, because even if we hate to admit it, a lot of menial, time-consuming tasks are now done by computers, and apps and algorithms; and as humans, we are required to do what machines still can’t do!

So today, let’s deep-dive and see what are these skills that are most valued by employers, and how you can learn them.

#1: The Art of Google-ing:

With high-speed internet at our disposal, most information is now available to us with ease. However, only a small proportion of humans have cracked the code to finding the right information at the right time. At hustlepost.in, we often call this skill ‘the art of Google-ing’ -because that’s what Google-ing is; an art. Anyone can find mediocre information by doing a few quick searches, but what would really set you apart is if you master the art of looking at the right sources and finding the right kind of reliable information. 

I will be honest here- most things can now be learnt online, through free or paid sources. As a professional, it’s your job to figure out how to find these sources and how to make yourself resourceful when needed.

How Can You Learn This:

Teach yourself to be coachable. Learn to figure things out by yourself before reaching out to ask others from help. This way, when you do reach out, people would be more open to teaching you. Trust me on this, if you teach yourself to be coachable, you’ll soon find that there’s no better teacher than Google itself.

#2: Energy Management

Do you have days when you just feel low? Days you can’t explain why you don’t feel the urge to work? As a citizen of the world in the 21st century, while there may be hundreds of apps that will help you manage your time effectively, very few things out there can help you with managing your energy and your vibes.

There are thousands of books that are written on the topic of time management. But in all honesty, it’s not the time that most people lack. It’s the energy, the positive vibes that drive them to put in hard work and best efforts when they are needed the most. 

It is therefore your job to figure out how to tackle this particular problem, because most successful people don’t just manage their time well, they also manage their energy well and that is what allows them to manage their time well in return.

How Can You Learn This:

Meditate, follow a self-care ritual, indulge in hobbies beyond work, take breaks when needed, make a routine that works for you and stick to it- there are just some things that help you out. Read about energy management tips from top gurus and successful people, and find pointers that fit your personality the best.

#3: Designing

We may have progressed a lot with AI, but machines still can’t make beautiful designs. To design, is still very human. 

Whether you’re in a creative career or not, designing is a skill that’ll always come in handy. For those who work creatively, like the marketing folks or the designers themselves, of course this is a no-brainer. However, even if you’re an accountant or a lawyer or a tax consultant- designing would still help you set yourself apart from others. 

By designing, we don’t mean hard-core photoshop skills here. We merely mean that if you know the importance visuals play in our lives, you’d know how important it is to learn at least the basics of what makes a good design. In real concrete ways- it will help you make a pretty good-looking CV for yourself which may make a great first impression, it will help you make beautiful presentations at work which will help you capture people’s attention for a longer period of time, and at the very least, it will help you be the cool one in your group of friends!

How Can You Learn This:

Learn to use Canva. It’s a free design tool that you can use even if you know nothing about the space. They have ready-made templates, great design inspiration, good collection of fonts and many other things that can help a beginner get on the journey of learning to make great designs.

#4: Writing and Communication

To be able to write well, and deliver your message to others without any misunderstanding is a skill that many may take for granted, but it’s one of the most uncommon skills you’d find among people. 

In a professional environment, it gets even more tricky because there are work-dynamics that come into play. There’s a way in which you communicate with your colleagues, and a way in which you deal with your superiors- and all this may get onto your nerves if you don’t get the art right. 

When questioned about the most common skill that managers seek for hiring and promotion based decisions, communication skills is always one of the key considerations. So, make sure you know the basics of writing professional emails and the art of putting your thoughts across. Because let’s face it- both verbal and written communication is equally important to learn.

How Can You Learn This:

Read about different personality types, and the ideal way of communicating with each of them. Every personality type understands a different language, and if you master the art, there’ll be no looking back!

There you have it. The ultimate list of skills that employers look for, and REAL skills that will set you apart from millions of others in your career journey. Which of these is your biggest challenge? If I had to pick one, I’d say it’s energy management. Let’s discuss more in comments?

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