5 Careers to Explore If You LOVE Writing and Have a Way with Words

Writing is something that could be made a career even in 1690 when the first newspaper came out, but in 2020, there is so much more you can do if writing is your passion.

Written by: Anagha Bhat

When we think of opportunities, career options and making money, there is no end in today’s era. Writing is something that could be made a career even in 1690 when the first newspaper came out, but in 2020, there is so much more you can do if writing is your passion.

If you are good at putting the exact scene and situation into words, if you are good at finding the right phrase and if you enjoy the process of writing and would love to make money out of your passion and not just keep it as a hobby, then below are five different career options mentioned, check it out and see which one excites you!

#1: Book Writer

Though it is the most obvious career option for someone who loves to write, it is also a very important one that a writer can explore.

If you have a brilliant story in your mind and extraordinary storytelling skills, you can write a novel. You can write fiction, non-fiction, drama, poetry, short stories, life experiences, biographies.

Just to warn our readers, making money out of this profession isn’t that easy. If your book is exceptionally good and makes it to the bestsellers, you will earn the kind of money that can be called decently big, but otherwise, it can be quite a rough patch.

How much can you earn?

The royalty provided by the publishers will be around 5-7.5% for a debutant and even with a brilliant book, you might not get a royalty over 12.5%. Having said that, writing a book will always add to your passive income. Specifically, if you have an e-book out for sale.

How can you get started with being a novelist?

To become a novelist, the first thing you need is a story.

Then, you can check this amazing article by Udemy where they explain it in 9 steps:

Once you have the writing sorted, then the publishing needs to be given a thought about. You can either look for a publisher or self-publish your book and that whole process is explained well in this video and this video.

#2: Content Writer/Blogger/Web Writer

As a web content writer, you can write your own blog or contribute your writing skills for another blogger in exchange for remuneration. You can also write content for other content creators for platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. You can even consider being a writer for digital marketing firms who will need an expert to write infographic copies, ad copies, landing pages, sales pages and thank you pages for websites.

How much can you earn?

For all the above-mentioned career options, you will have to be very creative and aware of the current trends. According to Indeed, a content writer earns about INR 15000 per month to INR 32000 per month based on the writing skills, the firm that is hiring, the city, and the niche.

How can you get started with being a content writer?

You can start off by writing a few sample articles on the topics of your choice and you can send it across to someone that is looking to hire a content writer. This link here can help you to start off your journey as a content writer. You can also watch this video to get one more step closer to take off your career.

#3: Journalist/Columnist

A journalist is someone that collects news and current information from several sources and puts it together in their words. A journalist has to write, edit and create stories to be published on television, newspaper or a magazine, either in print or online. They write about political issues, religious matters, social, educational, economical, entertainment, sports, natural daily happenings in their articles for millions of people to get to know about current affairs from the comfort of their houses or screens. A journalism degree is, however, is generally considered necessary if you want to become a journalist.

How much can you earn?

The average salary of a fresher is INR 15000 per month. However, as you grow, your salary grows exponentially, and for senior positions, you may make a several lacs per months.

How can you get started with being a journalist?

To start off as a journalist, along with the other factors, you will need some courage. Courage to tell the truth. WayUp has a well-written article about ‘How to become a journalist’ and there's also an article by Times Of India about ‘How to become a journalist in India'. Please read them well to understand how to proceed with this ambition.

#4: Scriptwriter

A scriptwriter someone that writes the screenplay for movies, shows, web series, radio shows, public performances and video games. The way one would write a novel is entirely different from how a screenplay is written. Because for a novel, you can write, “he thought about how much he missed her.”, but script-writing it about figuring out how to show it on the screen without having your actor tell a dialogue. That is where a screenplay writer will use their imagination to convert every detail of a story into a scene.

How much can you earn?

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a scriptwriter is about INR 4.8L per annum. However, a scriptwriter working for a big banner Bollywood movie can earn upwards tof INR 15-20L in one movie script alone.

How can you get started with being a scriptwriter?

Before you even look for an answer to this question, if you need to know how to write a good script, then this video is a good way to begin. You can check this article out, to know the step-by-step guide on how to start off with being a scriptwriter.

#5: Ad Copywriter

An ad copywriter is someone that writes catchy slogans, ad copies, jingles and scripts to gain the attention of the target audience. They discuss the concept with the client, brainstorm for ideas to sell the product/service, come up with innovative ideas and present them to the client. Ad copywriters have to be very creative, good at working with a team, come up with more than one idea for selling, have the knowledge of current advertising trends and the patience to work under pressure.

How much can you earn?

Ad copywriter can work either as a full-time employee or even as a freelancer. The average salary of an ad copywriter is around INR 3.6L annually, as per PayScale, but it also can go as high as INR 7L per year.

How can you get started with being a ad Copywriter?

One doesn’t need to have any formal education to start working as an ad copywriter. This is a great article for you to read to get a good insight for starting the career, it is quite elaborate and explanatory. This article will also be an added benefit.

BONUS: Speechwriter

In a world full of events, gatherings and social occasions, speeches is bound to happen. A speechwriter is mostly hired by elected officials either in the government sector, or by corporate leaders for public appearances. However, speechwriters are also hired at times to write speeches for weddings and other such occasions. If you have a flair for the rhetoric, and can write powerful words that can be turned into speeches, then this would be your dream! Learn the type of audience, make a structure for your speech first, use all the important data to be delivered, some interesting facts to state, a few quotes where necessary and do not forget to read the final speech out loud, before you submitting it to your boss or your client. This is because only when you speak, will you realise how your words actually sound.

How much can you earn?

According to PayScale, full-time speechwriter earns an average of USD 84K per annum, but a better way out would be to consider freelance speechwriting as an option and set hourly charges as per the client’s requirements.

How can you get started with being a speechwriter?

The first step to start the career of a speechwriter, is obviously, by writing a speech.

The next steps are well-written in this article here, by Ragan and also in this article by CareerTrend.

A writer can make a very good living if they are good at what they do. A wide vocabulary, a way to put your thoughts into words, life-long reading and learning are all important for one to become a successful writer.

However, to find yourself a good career with writing, you will also have to be smart. Learn new words proactively, write every day, read quite a lot and get yourself a writing partner, where you read each other’s articles to find mistakes or angles that were overlooked.

Don’t settle with just any other job, look for your real calling and the one that also pays. Was this helpful? Let us know your doubts in the comments below.

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