5 Productivity Apps That Can Actually Make Your Life Really Easy

Written by Steve Paul

Some people believe that apps don't make you productive. Those rectangular devices that we carry along everywhere are the greatest gift to humankind.

On average we pick our devices more than 120 times a day and easily spend 4-6 hours browsing through social media, sharing messages and watching YouTube videos.

In a world where everyone is glued to their devices and claims to have no time, why not turn that device into a productivity machine.

“We are stuck with technology when what we want is just stuff that works.”

What will this article cover?

With millions of applications to choose from for desktop and mobile platforms, several features, unique working models, it's a big task to find something that adds value to your life.

This article brings together a few recommended and trusted apps that aim to save time, enhance productivity and make your life easy.

Some apps mentioned below also have a paid version, but all come with a free version that works great and is ideal for the everyday user.

#1. Microsoft To-Do

Some people are happy using paper systems, whiteboards, bullet journals, while many rely on to-do list apps. Microsoft To-Do is a successor of the popular application Wunderlist.

It's not a project management or collaboration software, but a highly functional to-do list app that helps prioritize and manage tasks, projects and targets.

Microsoft To-Do has a clean, user-friendly interface, that helps segregate tasks into lists, assign due dates, set reminders and instantly syncs between your mobile and other systems. It only does the basic, and that's what most users are looking for.

Additional features like My Day, print list, email sharing, intelligent and smart suggestions make sure you stay on top of things that need your time and attention. Check it out


- Easily share lists, stay connected and manage better.

- Smart daily planning to accomplish what’s meaningful to you.

- Instant sync allows retrieving your lists and tasks across devices.

- Break down tasks into simple steps, set reminders and add due dates.

AVAILABILITY: Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, Web

#2. Inshorts

A simple mobile news app that keeps you well informed when short on time. What makes it unique? Inshorts summarises news in 60 words!!

Personalise your reading experience from various news categories. It allows you to easily navigate between headlines, all news, trending, bookmarks and unread stories.

Insights is a new feature that cuts a long story short by recapping it in few informative pics/slides.

With handpicked relevant news from trusted sources, Inshorts is everything you need to stay updated on worldwide happenings. Check it out


- Stay informed in 60 words.

- Has an inbuilt Photo/Video gallery.

- Easily bookmark stories and share with friends.

- Discover missed stories and topics that interest you.


#3. Brave Browser

How do internet giants grow rich? They trade our web activity and browsing data to the highest bidders. Data breach concerns, interrupting ads, slow loading times and high RAM consumption are common issues with most web browsers.

Brave is a lightweight browser built on the Chromium platform (Google Chrome) and has an inbuilt adblocker that provides unmatched speed, security, and privacy by blocking trackers and unwanted scripts from running in the background.

"Private mode" on most applications only hide your history from others using your browser. Brave uses the Tor feature to mask your location from sites by redirecting searches through several servers before it reaches your destination. Check it out


- Encrypted connections to increase anonymity.

- Faster loading time with minimum RAM consumption.

- Brave Rewards is a legitimate feature that pays users for browsing.

- Easily import bookmarks, passwords and access all Chrome extensions.

- In case you close the browser, it lets you reload all your previously open tabs.

AVAILABILITY: Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, Linux

#4. Grammarly

Whether you're a writer, student or business professional, we all need that third eye with real-time suggestions for mistake-free writing.

Grammarly is an AI-Powered writing assistant that checks grammar, spelling, writing style, tone, plagiarism and overall improves your writing skills.

It can be used as an app, web extension, Microsoft Word add-on or mobile keyboard that seamlessly integrates with your work. More importantly, it saves time.

It's like a superpower that makes you feel confident by putting your best foot forward and helps you communicate more effectively. Check it out


- Real-time corrections and a plagiarism checker.

- Best grammar checker that is suitable for every writing style.

- Eliminates errors and suggests perfect words to express yourself.

- Checks for Clarity, Correctness, Engagement and Delivery in your writing.

- Choose your writing tone, adjust goals from Creative, Academic, Business, etc.

AVAILABILITY: Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, Web, Browser extension, Microsoft Word

#5. Notion

Think of Notion as a diary that can be used to track your monthly budget, keep a record of your academics, your wish list of things, planning for a future goal, organising your workspace projects, writing down ideas, and the list goes on.

Notion is an All-in-one workspace app for teams and individuals to plan, write, collaborate, and get organised. No more getting lost in tabs or the need to carry your journals everywhere. Manage almost everything in Notion by designing a personalised system.

It is flooded with tools and customisations, which might confuse users at first, but once you get the gist of it, you'll love it. It's like your mind is in front of your eyes in the form of a flowchart. The time you invest in it will surely make your life easy. Check it out


- Notion is light, fast & distraction-free.

- Instant sync allows starting where you left off.

- Write better. Think more clearly. Stay organized.

- Note-taking that can replace Google Docs & Evernote.

- Manage tasks & projects that can replace Trello, Asana, Jira.

- Spreadsheets & Database to replace Google Spreadsheets, Airtable.

AVAILABILITY: Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, Web

Wrapping Up…

You don't need a lot of apps to enhance productivity, a few tweaks in your working pattern, making the most of the powerful utility apps and more importantly mastering your time and resources is what makes you productive.

Don't rely entirely on these apps and software; they are just here to assist you and make your life easy. Technology is a boon to mankind. Use it wisely!!

“Technology should be your servant. Not your master.”


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