5 signs that you need to slow down and smell the coffee!

Written by Mudrika Mishra

I know, I know you have miles to go before you sleep..and trust me, in recent times everybody does.

Well, most human beings around me are huge fans of hustling hard. So I know how hard it is to slow down.

But answer this, How will you continue going miles and nailing those milestones if you don’t rest and rejuvenate every once in a while?

If you don’t pause and give your body and mind the reboot it needs you will exhaust yourself before you know it.

I think I have made a fair point so let me familiarise you all with few signs that scream out loud that you need to slow down a little, so stay hooked hustlers.

1. The body is exhausted but the mind is having a party.

This is a big sign that you need a break, your mind is constantly racing and even if your body is tired and in dire need of sleep, you are unable to shut the thoughts in your mind.

Try this:

Develop a bedtime routine where you stay away from screens at least an hour before you go to sleep, or just sit with your journal to unwind and write all about your day, or else dump all your worries on that piece of paper and end with “deal with you tomorrow”. Do this regularly to let your brain know that it’s shut downtime.

2. The phone has to be within hands reach at all times.

3 cheers for mindless scrolling and how good it feels. It’s a sign that if you are in the habit of checking your phone every 2 minutes, and not being able to do that makes you anxious, it’s not healthy and needs to be controlled. You need to be comfortable not having your phone around at all times.

Try this:

Start by putting your phone on airplane mode for 15 mins and keep increasing it by 10 mins every day, and do something else that you enjoy with that time, try to be casual about it, if you stay on track you will be able to curb this urge gradually and trust me it will make you feel liberated in a different way.

3. Problem concentrating during conversations.

This is sad when you just can’t stop yourself from pulling out your phone and start scrolling aimlessly while the person in front of you wants to have a heart to heart conversation with you. You end up giving up the real moments to watch somebody’s reel moments. This needs to change for the better.

Try this:

Make a “no screens” policy at the dinner table or after 7 pm so you can make memories of your own and unwind in a better manner.

4. Can’t take a vacation without worrying.

You can work from anywhere but you don’t need to at all times. I know you feel that checking that “one email” or texting back to that “one client” is harmless and will only make you feel better, but it shouldn’t be so. You need to be able to chill without worrying about work. It’s a problem when even on a well-deserved vacation all you can think of is “work”.

Try this:

When on vacation make it a point to turn off all your notifications or appoint someone to attend to those while you are on a break and enjoy without a worry as work will always be there but the moments away from work need to relish.

5. You want to “be it all” and “do it all”

The problem is serious when you aren’t comfortable with the delegation, you can’t trust anybody but yourself to do everything. And you are always thinking about “what next” without taking a moment to “soak in” the goodness of the present moment. You want to achieve everything fast. But it’s not supposed to be like that. There are times when you just have to let other people take the reins and relax a little.

Try this:

Try delegating small tasks to your team and see how it feels it will feel good as you will have more time at hand to concentrate on crucial issues, once you see the benefits you will never look back.

It’s crucial that you take breaks and be happy about it, be excited to go on a vacation.

You need to chill and let your hair down as we all deserve a little fun with a lot of hustle.

Slowing down doesn’t push you back, but fills you up with the much-needed energy to move forward with zeal.

Cheers to slowing down peeps!!!

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