5 Useful Productivity Hacks To Deal With the Lazy Little Person Who Lives Inside You

Written by Suman Sekhar Sarangi

Right now, we live in a world where productivity has never been so important. But it takes more than willpower and self-control to live a productive life.

After your day ends, do you feel like you could’ve done more?

And does it leave you feeling less unfinished? Like you’ve wasted your day?

Don’t worry, I’m sharing 5 productivity hacks which would help you to be less lazy and more productive. These are the things that have helped me a whole lot over the last couple of years to really improve my productivity levels, and my ability to get things done.

So whatever it is that you’re working on whether you’ve goals you want to achieve or there are different projects you’re working on, all these tips will really help you to elevate your productivity levels.

#1: Avoid Distractions

In order to be able to focus on one task at a particular time, you have to minimize distractions. Avoid doing the little check on things just like checking emails. Turn those notifications off.

It takes minutes to get into a deeply focused state when we’re working on something. Such kind of work is called “deep work.” Keep all distractions away from you when you’re trying to get into that focused state.

An addiction to distraction will be the death of your creative productivity.

What you can do?

Stop checking your social media accounts and put your phone on the Do Not Disturb mode while working. You’d be flabbergasted at how much work you can actually get done when you’re fully focused and tell your friends and family not to disrupt you until you’ve finished your work.

Deep work requires a state of distraction-free concentration to push your cognitive capabilities to their limit and create new value that is hard to replicate.

If you want to concentrate on your work without any distraction, try creating a deep work ritual to increase productivity.

#2: Know your “WHY”

Simon Sinek said it best when he quoted: “You need to start with a why and know your why in order to feel more motivated and to become much more productive.

Sometimes, if you don’t know your purpose, you feel overwhelmed or feel there’s so much to do. The tasks that you take at your hands should be appealing to you, there needs to be a reason why you need to work on this and accomplish it and reach the goal.

What you can do?

Be very clear and concise about what are the pros and cons of doing and not doing it. Write it down because it’s a lot harder to do things when we don’t have a goal. There has to be some reason why you’re working on it to kind of keep you going.

So know your why and know it well and focus on it and that's going to propel you forward.

#3: Stop Multitasking

Sometimes we feel that multitasking is a must-have skill we should accomplish in order to become successful but the truth is Multitasking is a productivity killer. It is actually your brain switching very fast from one task to another.

Research indicates that working on several things at once lowers our productivity by up to 40% and our IQ by more than 10 points as we’re never giving our full attention to one specific task.

Furthermore, research at Stanford University found that even when multitaskers try to focus on one thing, they work less efficiently than those who never multitask.

What you can do?

Jot down all your tasks in a to-do list and pick the task that has the top priority and just focus on that. This will greatly reduce your overwhelm and it’ll also allow you to kind of transform that one focus into something that becomes very attainable.

If you’re interested to know more about why one shouldn't multitask, check the article ‘5 reasons to stop Multitasking and get things done.’

#4: Write it down

To-do lists are mandatory for increasing productivity. They get you organized. They allow you to see where your focus should go every day and give you a sense of accomplishment when you checklist an item.

What you can do?

Create a to-do list in a journal each night for the upcoming day in order to have a clear picture of what needs to be done. This way you won’t spend time in the morning trying to figure out what task needs to be done first.

I’d recommend you to try BuJo practice for at least a couple of months. It’ll not only help you create a sense of urgency in your life but will also help you become a better person.

Click here to know more about how to journal effectively to get more productive.

#5: Take Care of Yourself

Maybe you think that productivity is just about scheduling and sticking to a plan in order to be sufficient in your work but there’s more to it than that.

Being productive means living a balanced life, staying happy and healthy, and taking breaks at regular intervals from work. Nothing beats an attitude that comes from living life in harmony.

Robin Sharma, in his book ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’, details that consistent care of one’s mind, body, and soul is essential to find one’s highest self and living the life in one’s dreams.

What you can do?

Exercise, eat clean, get enough sleep and you'll feel energized than ever and motivated to work towards your goal.


I know sometimes you feel like just pushing yourself through your willpower to get started on something but if you take one step forward and one step at a time, you will get a lot done, and you will be a lot more productive.

To be ultra-productive, adopt the mindset of learned minimalism. Understand that the secret to genius is simplicity, not complexity.

Some may think that laziness is not the key to success and productivity. But, the truth is, being lazy has more potential than you think. If you find a proper approach to work and manage your time constructively, you can be productive and successful, too!

So those are just a few of my anti-laziness strategies. If you found this blog post helpful, please share it on your social media handles. Would you like more blog posts like this? Please let me know in the comments, or I’ll never know. Thank you for reading.


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