5 Ways Your Life Changes from College to Work + A Pro Tip on How to Ace Every Change

This article is meant to help you out with 5 significant changes in your life that are about to happen and one pro tip for each change to manage it better.

Written by: Isha

It’s that time of the year again. As a student, you worked hard the last couple of years your ‘first job’ and it’s finally yours. However, a person undergoes a bunch of changes from college to work which are necessary to make them grow. These changes may not be easy every time.

This article is to help you out with 5 significant changes in your life that are about to happen and one pro tip for each change to manage it better.

#1: You become the master of your own money

Once you receive your first pay check, you get the taste of financial independence. You are not accountable to parents for your expenses any more, rather you bare them all alone, as per your wish. You could easily choose to spend them on luxuries. You may upgrade your day-to-day living; like taking a cab instead of auto rickshaw, expensive meals, etc. You may choose to gift your parents and friends, and also give your contribution to important investments in family.

Although this life sounds interesting, it gets overwhelming at times. By the end of the month, if you run low on money, you finally realise the importance of money management and savings. All those lectures your parents gave whenever you spent a buck unnecessarily start running at the back of your mind, and surprisingly, now you find their words true.

Pro Tip: Spend your money on what you truly need, instead of splurging it on your wants. Many times, people fail to differentiate between the two. Refer the video below to manage your finances better.

A video worth watching: 5 Money Habits of Highly Successful People

#2: You start running on a tight schedule

If you thought college was hectic, you’re in for a ride! College, in fact, gives a lot of flexibility to accommodate your schedule. You could always find out time to hang out with friends. On bad days, you could choose to miss a couple of classes and relax. On other hand, corporate life demands strict working hours. You cannot arrive late, or miss office whenever you feel like. Likewise, you have to manage things back at home to be able to make up on time.

Pro tip: Routine is your way out. The sooner you learn, the better you manage. Complete as many tasks as possible at night, in order to avoid miserable mornings.

A video to watch: How to Make Your Mornings Less Miserable

#3: Work-Life balance is a real thing now

During school and college, it was okay if you brought back assignments home and stretched it to the last date, as you had far less responsibilities to handle back then. But the scenario is a bit different at workplace. You’ll be given strict deadlines to abide by. Failing to do the needful in the office will make you bring the work back at home. This is where you need to create a work-life balance, because in long run this impacts your mental health and personal life.

Pro tip: Stop wasting unnecessary time in office and work with your full potential.

Research has shown employees waste 50% of their office time in activities which are not related to their work, like looking up on social media or chatting with colleagues. A constant distraction from work not only takes more time to finish a task, but also drains your energy.

#4: You feel a little distant from your loved ones

After college, it’s not only you whose life changes, but the people around you also go through the same. Most probably, you stay away from your parents; and your friends also get scattered in different parts of the country and abroad. During college, you always had them to guide you, heal you after a tiring day. On contrary, when you start working, meeting your friends even over weekends will become a big deal. Moreover, you will be left alone at your home during festive seasons. All of this becomes a little too much to handle emotionally and you feel there’s no one to listen your experiences now. This is when you’ll have to discover different ways to heal yourself.

Pro tip: Start considering yourself as your companion and slowly you will find comfort in your own company without feeling like a loner. Going on a solo walk around your city or knocking your neighbour’s door with the new recipe you made for the occasion, can be of help on some days.

#5: You remain confused

As a fresher, people at your workplace may not take you seriously all the time, and may unintentionally not behave in the best manner with you. You are offered a lower pay than those with a few years of experience (for good reason), and over time you start wondering if this is the place you would end up working in all your life! You go through a bout of doubts about whether you should leave this job and look for something else, or stick with this to prove you’re not weak. At the same time, you are likely to emotionally deal with expectations of others and may feel lost.

Pro tip: Don’t let learning stop. When you are up with a skill, taking a decision becomes easier. Go for free courses online and regularly practice self- improvement.

These changes become slightly difficult to manage at times, but are extremely necessary to make you grow as an adult. Once you pass this phase, you’ll see that they only moulded you into a stronger, tougher version of yourself. And yes, you can always find different ways to tackle them better. Hope these tips helped?

Do you relate with these? Let’s chat in the comments. 😊

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