7 Habits of Highly Ineffective People

Written by: Aunva Kakkar

Stephen Covey wrote a book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. I know, most of you have read his work or any article on a similar topic in the past. However, I acknowledge that 90% of you still struggle to become effective and productive. Am I correct? Do you know why? Because we overanalysed and overvalued effectiveness. Well, I am not a saint, but I did reverse engineering on the habits of people with high efficiency.

Therefore, today, I will share with you about the habits of ineffective people. There is a high probability that you relate to some of them. Do not get disappointed because I give you 100% guarantee on the fact that “knowing and focusing on what NOT to do is better than knowing what to do”.

Further, I request you to not solely read the article, but also take note of every point. I am giving every bit of information I have received after research and observation and I want you to be benefitted out of each sentence.

Let’s get started.

#1: They often say “Oh! I have a lot of work, I am very busy”

You must have heard this from a lot of people, including you. These words “I am very busy” is proof of mediocrity. You and I often confuse being busy with being productive. There is not a thin line difference between them, rather these are two different poles. Being busy is not necessarily an indication of effectiveness. Well, below-given points shall assist you further in knowing the difference between two.

  • A busy human is happy to do the action. A productive human focuses on clarity before action.

  • Busy people multitask. Productive people have all their focus on one significant task at a time.

  • Busy personalities talk about ideas. Productive personalities are working on the execution.

  • Busy people are busy bragging about their work. Productive people are involved in their mission and letting the results create the conversation.

  • Busy people take stress for the entire world. Productive people stay calm and analyse before reacting.

  • Busy souls suck at prioritising jobs. Productive spirits prioritise their work tasks like a pro.

  • Busy people don’t have time to read, exercise and introspect. Productive people give importance to reading, exercising and introspecting over anything else.

  • Busy people are hyperactive, they want to do everything. Productive people want to do the brain work.

  • Busy people say yes, productive people use ‘yes’ minimally.

#2: They do not believe in stillness

Ineffective people can waste hours in googling the random stuff about any celebrity or trendy news. However, exercising, performing yoga and meditating for stillness sounds a waste of time to them. They do not perform exercises till the moment it becomes a need of the body. Ineffective people are often those who struggle with poor health.

#3: They panic for perfection

Who does not like perfection? But constantly chasing perfectionism is a killer of action. Research has proven in the near past that striving for perfection is a cause of an endless list of health problems. I have come across thousands of people panicking for the perfect article, video, homework, marks, college, action, food, photo, project, and whatnot.

Perfectionism and anxiety go hand in hand. And when you are anxious, you will become conscious of your actions and there comes a chance that you drop an idea of doing something great because you are so scared already. Therefore, strive for the action with clarity but not perfectionism with fear and anxiety. Make sense? You should focus on giving the best at that moment rather than chasing perfection in every piece.

You are a human, stop being a bot.

#4: They often say “having fun sometimes is okay”

If you have an attitude that “all you have is one life and let’s have some fun today, forget the work”, you are probably addicted to saying this every week. Ineffective people tend to escape from work and tedious tasks. They might say that they aspire to do great stuff. However, if you keenly observe, they are pretty happy with their present life.

Well, it is okay to have fun. However, it is not okay to not realise that you say this every other day.

#5: They say, “I have an idea, but I don’t have resources to get started”

Ineffective people take too long to initiate the execution. They are ready with excuses, subconsciously.

For example, I want to start vlogging but I don’t have a vlogging camera. Well, vlogging can be started with the phone. Another example, just like kids abroad, I want Indian students to work part-time along with their studies to get the real market experience, I want to create a website/app to bring job givers such as restaurant owners and part-time workers such as a kid studying in 11th grade on the same platform. But I don’t have enough money or human resource to get started. Well, if you see, you can go out and pitch the idea to 100 different investors in the span of two (2) months. Ineffective people are scared of stepping out of their comfort zone and putting their 200% in a task.

Moreover, to start, you don’t need a million-dollar idea. You need a small and simple idea and a lot of passion for execution. You need to take tiny steps.

#6: They get easily addicted

I recently came across a tweet, which said, “There are entire businesses which are trying to build products with the sole motive of getting you addicted to them so they can make money off of you.” Now, here only you can save yourself by being aware of your activities. However, ineffective people are addicted to these products unconsciously because they never perform introspection. The sad part is that they never realise that they are addicted and if 1% of them do, then they are not ready to take the action against the addiction.

Furthermore, ineffective people are also addicted to opinions, comforts, lies, appreciation and every other possible thing. Very correctly posted by Gary Vaynerchuck on Instagram -“You are addicted to people telling you are pretty, you are talented, you are a great student and so on. The reason so many people struggle with negativity is because they overvalue positive reinforcement”.

#7: They are afraid of competition

An ineffective person is not ready to work with others. He/she is always afraid that someone else will take over their work or perform better. Ineffective people believe that the universe revolves around them.

Moreover, they are not easily inspired by other’s work and feel that they are the best. Such people are not ready to learn from their juniors because of the ego and fear.

Now you know the habits of ineffective people. Make sure to poke yourself whenever you see yourself performing any of the above-stated activities. A study states that on an average it takes 66 days to change a habit. Though, the range lies from 18 to 254 days.

So, I hope this article was helpful enough for you to get started with changing or replacing your ineffective habits with the productive ones.

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