7 ways to unwind when you work from home & can't step out!

Written by Isha

Well, we are all in the same situation. Trapped inside our house in this pandemic where we don’t have any option other than ‘work from home’. While some have started working from their office due to obvious reasons, there are many that are still working from home and it looks like this saga will not end anytime soon.

The idea of working in the comfort of our home sounds mesmerizing at first instance. You can be in your comfy clothes, lay lousy on the couch or bed while making a presentation, and best of all - no more need of waking up hours before the meeting and rushing for the office early morning. Well, the reality has not been pleasing enough. All of us have actually been working way extra than we used to do back in regular office hours. As a result, by the end of the day we are exhausted, cranky and not at all wish to go back to work the next day.

For our mental sanity, we need to have a separate routine for work and personal time. We have to be extra cautious this time to not mix the two. This article mentions 7 ways to unwind when you work from home and have no option to step out for refreshment.

#1. Start your day with a calm podcast or music

The best way to control your day is to start your day right. How you set the mood in the morning pretty much defines the vibe for the whole day. And what better than a calm and peaceful start?

Music has healing power. Going with your morning routine while having the right music set in the background, helps you kickstart your day with a happy mood.

An equally worthy alternative to music is podcasts these days. Set in your favorite podcast, maybe motivational or lifestyle-based and you would notice how pumped up you would be to start your day.

How do you do that?

Go on apps like Spotify, which not only has a great collection of songs but has a big set of podcasts as well. Google Podcast is another amazing platform for podcasts. YouTube again is a good platform with a large collection of songs, calm background music that helps you meditate or concentrate and it also has a few collections of audiobooks.

#2. Minimize digital connection as much as possible

You are anyway required to be on electronic devices all day long, but staying away from them for some time is also important in order to avoid burnout. At this hour, your work demands you to stay on your computers for long hours but at the same time, your body needs rest.

These devices emit electromagnetic field radiations (EFR) and the human body absorbs it and further affects the Central Nervous System (CNS) of the body. This is the reason you feel so drained by the time you finish your work. Therefore, make sure you break yourself from digital touch for at least 2 hours once you are done. This is the best little way to help yourself unwind.

How do you do that?

Have fixed no-phone hours every day and you would thank yourself later. Place your electronic gadgets in a different room itself. In fact, don’t either jump on these devices straight from sleep. Take a 2 hours gap at this time also, and dedicate to a calm morning routine.

#3. Cold shower

What better than washing loads of burden from your shoulder by a cold shower!

Reward yourself with a few minutes of shower after your work, and you will literally feel tensions melting away. I find it surprising how easily this simple act makes you escape from all-day stress in a matter of a few seconds.

Also, cold shower here helps you to balance your body temperature and this is why you feel relieved. There are numerous other Benefits of cold shower too, don't forget to check it out before you take a call.

#4. Dancing

Now, one good tip to instantly boost you while you still have a lot of work pending for the day.

If you are already exhausted but cannot leave your work; turn on some music you can tap your feet on and you will revive your energy within a span of a few minutes.

In fact, you should take these refreshing breaks every two-three hours while at work. What can be a better advantage of working from home! Also, no one is there to judge you or something and you are free to ‘dance like no one is watching’.

#5. Find your ‘relaxing’ zone

After a tough day, you need to relax. Back in the days, going out for a walk or meeting a nearby friend was a way out. But now, there’s no such option. You need to take out something at your home only. Something which relaxes your mind and gives you inner satisfaction at the same time.

Some people find cooking or baking relaxing. They love to cook something tasty, a little different from regular daily dishes. Others find playing a musical instrument soul-satisfying. For some, painting is therapy, for others jotting down something they feel or observe is healing. It could also be reading or even watching a movie.

Figure out your own escape from the nitty-gritty of the daily chores and you will sense yourself traveling to a whole different world every day.

How do you do that?

Find a hobby, something you do just for your soul satisfaction and nothing else. Look back to your childhood to the activities which excited you. Practice it whenever you find the time, especially on days like these when going out is totally restricted.

#6. Exercise

At this time of the pandemic, when everyone is restricted to stay behind the doors of their houses, we are more likely stuck to our phones or computers with fewer body movements. Exercising at this point is not only healthy but also refreshing.

Your body releases oxytocin when you workout, which eventually helps you reduce your anxiety and also increases your motivation towards your work. This is why you feel bumped up towards your work when you exercise every morning. In fact, there is a great myth that women can’t work out during their menstrual cycle. Oppositely, working out then reduces period cramps. So, always say yes to a simple exercise routine!

How do you do that?

Fix a time for yourself where you dedicate yourself to exercising. Start with basics, you don’t need to jump on tough exercises from the first day. Always keep it simple and never overdo it. Experiment with yoga as well, and see what suits you better.

#7. Clean your workplace

A clean place keeps in a clean mind. Organize your desk and your room where you work all day. The place should be clean while you work as well as when you relax. A clean place reduces a lot of stress, in fact, the process of cleaning itself helps a lot in releasing stress.

Also, while you work from home, you are not restricted to a particular corner of your house as was the case in the office. You can change places and an already cleaned place is always going to help you.

So, clean your area in the morning and/or after you finish work. You can even go one step ahead by decorating your place with some DIY hacks or lights. You deserve a calm and happy environment around you.

How do you do that?

Figure out what is irritating you! If there’s clutter all around, clean it that very moment. Throw out the unnecessary objects and arrange the rest. You can even customize your space as per your personality-type. This article is going to help you with it.

The time right now is tough, and can even be a toll on your mental health at times. This doesn’t mean you cannot take things in your hand and get yourself going in the tough.

Hope this article helped you out to find your relief-zone. Best of luck, and this time of crisis, too shall pass. 😊


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