9 Inexpensive Ways To Feel Great At Times Of Uncertainty

Written by Isha

Given the situation right now, it’s hard to predict when everything can become completely normal as before. Recently, the UN Chief spoke that COVID-19 could cause $8.5 trillion loss in global output. So, not only this situation is medically challenging, but also mentally, emotionally and financially.

As much as these conditions are not merely in our hands, there are certain things we can possibly take control of. How to mold yourself every day! Yes, how you invest 24 hours of your day at this time of uncertainty really defines where you’ll make yourself land after this pandemic, or any other situation ahead.

In this article, I have mentioned 9 inexpensive ways to feel great at times of uncertainty.

1. Landing to the right mindset

The very first step has to be this. I know it’s completely normal to feel ‘lost’ at these times and question if you are going in the right direction or not. But, at the same time, you should be able to pick yourself up from this misery and believe there is a strong solution as well.

I know as you are reading this article, you already know this fact. This was just a little reminder. 😊

How can you do that?

i) Make positive affirmations.

ii) Believe in yourself that you are going to get through. Tell yourself that you are strong and you are proud of yourself.

iii) Spend time in activities that only make you more confident and positive about yourself.

2. Meditate

Our mind doesn’t stop at a single place. It keeps on rolling on one thing over another which results in anxiety if not managed properly.

Goes without saying, it is important for us to pause and concentrate only on one thing at a time, or at least be accountable for every thought that crosses our mind. Meditation helps in both ways.

Read this article – How Meditation Can Help in Uncertain Times

Mediation focuses on stillness and nothing calms your mind as a few minutes of daily meditation does.

Try your hands on 20/20/20 Rule by Robin Sharma, one of which states 20 minutes of daily meditation.

How can you start meditation?

These tips are coming straight from my mom who has been meditating daily since her college days. Although her journey is more inclined towards spirituality, her tips would get you help started at least.

i) Fix 20 minutes' time for yourself when you can commit to sit every day without fail.

ii) Put away distractions and sit down focusing on your breath. You may allow the thoughts to pass by.

iii) It’s a practice for stillness. Continue this every day to see gradual changes in your thoughts and actions.

3. Read non-fiction books/ Listen to Podcast

Looking back in time when the world has faced difficulties and knowing about actual stories of how people got through will only fill you with inspiration and belief – ‘If they can, you can too.’

Here are some recommendations:

i) Man’s Search for a Meaning by Victor E. Frankel

ii) The Morning Miracle by Hal Elrod

iii) Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

4. Build a productive routine

As repeatedly it has been said, as important it is. Building a structured daily routine and making a to-do every day is really important. Being unsatisfied with your days is a reason behind anxiety.

Nothing compares to that pettish feeling you get after yet another day of doing ‘nothing much’. Make sure you build a routine for yourself as soon as you are done reading this article. Yes, it is that important!

How do you do that?

i) Write 4-5 SMART Goals you would want to achieve in the next one month. (You may also take in a reflection over the previous month as in what you exactly did and did not.)

ii) Look at your routine currently and decide the best time frame for you to sleep. Jot down your routine gradually as you would ideally want it to be. But make sure it is flexible and realistic.

iii) Narrow it down to your weekly goals and finally write down 3 specific to-dos for you to achieve that very day.

iv) Manage a journal if you want to go a step ahead.

5. Unfollow Accounts Which gives you Anxiety

Instagram is an over glamourous version of everybody’s life and at times the posts may make you uncomfortable in your own skin. These people may be anyone from your circle or any other personality you are following on the internet.

The idea is to unfollow these accounts so that they don’t constantly show up on your feed, bothering you every time.

Who to follow then?

Follow people on the internet who:

a) who actually pushes you to grow out of your comfort zone and make big,

b) who refreshes your mind when you see their content

c) who makes you learn something.

Here are a few recommendations for you:

1) hustlepost.in

2) helloskillss

3) sahelichatterjeehere

6. Invest your time in learning or upgrading a skill

At these uncertain times, you need to give yourself something extra to feel good about. Something that interests you and at the same time can give you a professional advantage so that you can make yourself stand miles apart from hundreds of others.

These days, you have access to so many platforms online which only focuses on learning. Also, even individual creators are coming up with their own initiatives, opening a new path for you solely for actual learning.

Some recommendations:

i) HustlePost Academy

ii) Skillshare

iii) Coursera

7. Learn about money and finances

As discussed initially, this pandemic is not only affecting everyone medically but also financially. The economy is going down and there is a double recession situation.

This is why you should invest your time knowing about money, market situation, and the right investments for you at this hour.

How do you do that?

i) A good Google search for your queries.

ii) Consult someone who you think is mature with handling money matters.

iii) Build a plan for budgeting, investments, insurance, etc.

iv) Follow business-centric newspapers like The Economic Times or The Financial Express for regular updates.

8. No multitasking

I know, all this information can be a little overwhelming, and you would want to do everything at the same time, but NO. Make sure you focus on only one task at a time and cut yourself from thoughts about other things.

Take one step at a time.

9. Family Time

Yes, no one can understand your grief more than your family and close friends. Nothing can heal you more than their happy company.

If you are someone who refuses to share their problems with anyone, try it. Speak about your problems, discuss and have some happy conversations. This will instantly make you feel better.

These were 9 super inexpensive ways to feel great at times of uncertainty. To sum all up, focus on your mental health and pull in the right, strong mindset and invest your time in activities that only make you feel better and not worse.

Hope this article helps you out and actually makes you take an action to get yourself better. Have a great time ahead!


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