How To Design A Functional Home Office Even If You Just Have A Tiny Corner To Use?

Written by Neha Kalavati

Surprisingly, we never considered working from home a permanent option. Taking work from home was always meant to be an escape from the office environment. With COVID-19 taking our world by storm, It is safe to say that the concept of offices will no longer be the same. We all will come out of this situation with different experiences; some may love the idea of working from home while others may dread upon hearing it. I am eager to see what changes it will bring to the way we work.

If you are loving the idea of working from home, and if you wish to continue working from home or quit your job to start your business, then this article is tailor-made for you.

What are the bare minimum necessities we need to set up a home office? Let us go through it one by one.

#1. Location

The primary step in setting up a comfortable yet uplifting home office is to find a suitable location. Whether you have a whole room to allot to a home office or a tiny corner to cosy up, either way, you can utilize it to the very best.

Things to consider before choosing a location.

a. A place away from distractions (away from the TV and loud music).

b. A window nearby is a must for ventilation and light.

c. Choose a very well-lit space so that you don't feel drowsy.

#2. Mark your territory

What could differentiate a workspace from the rest of the room when you only have a corner to work with?

The answer is a rug or floor mat.

Utilizing a simple rug with clean patterns under the desk will not only mark the space as a distinctive zone dedicated to working but will also add a ring to the whole space design.

#3. Accessorize it.

The bare minimum accessories that go in a workspace are pen and file holders, a dustbin, study lamp.

If you have a small space, try finding accessories that are both functional and aesthetic.

For a small corner setup, adding vertical storage saves a tonne of space. Additionally, add a junk drawer or box for miscellaneous things.

#4. Furniture

Let's address the elephant in the room. What about furniture, you ask?

Well, the choice is yours. Do you like working on a typical desk, or cosying up against the wall, sitting on comfy bedding on the floor?

For some people, standing while they work is also a liking. According to a study, no position is right for your back if you stay for too long in the same position. That's why taking frequent breaks to chance places while you work is advisable.

If your setup is temporary, consider choosing a foldable table.

As mentioned before, If you think sitting on the floor is an option, have a short laptop table to work upon.

If standing is what suits you, there are work desks available that can be interchanged into standing desks. ( kitchen countertop also acts an excellent standing desk!)

Chairs are what determines how comfortable we are in our positions. So choose a chair that supports your back (This helps you in the long run.)

Extra tip: The key to a good furniture setup is the coordination between the desk, the chair, and the computer at eye level.

This way, you design your workspace that satisfies ergonomic standards.

A touch of aesthetics.

Now that you have a basic setup, It is time to spice things up.

1. Light it up:

Setting up a workspace with a window as a focal point is an excellent idea. Although, If you do not have a window anywhere near your workspace, then you can set the tone with mood lighting. Have lamps that light up the room, Or even fairy lights to hang by the wall to spice things up and to create an ambience.

2. Add colours:

What colours inspire you? What colours do you associate your dreams with? These are valid questions to ask while setting up your workspace. Have a colour scheme that brings out the best in you. Colour coordinate your accessories.

For small spaces, Avoid using darker colours as it makes the area seem limited.

3. Frames & Pictures:

If you do not have a window to enjoy the view while working, then try putting up scenic pictures to fill that void. Displaying such images will give a sense of an outside perspective.

Alternatively, You can frame inspiring quotes that are near to your heart or bring out the fire in you. Also, framing different typographical letters is what many do to add aesthetics to the place.

Large visual calendars can also add a touch of beauty while ultimately serving their function. On the other hand, A simple whiteboard can do the trick. Options are plenty, Go with your instincts.

4. Flowers & Plants:

What better way to make space look bright and lively? Adding indoor plants or a vase full of fresh flowers can make the area look so much airy and bright.

Hanging plants is also an excellent idea to save space if you don't have a whole room to turn it into a home office.

5. Smell the roses:

Your senses need something refreshing, just like your eyes. While an excellent, inspiring picture can serve its purpose for the eyes, your nose needs a bit of refreshing too.

How do you do it? It's simple.

a. Light up scented candles.

b. Have a box full of potpourri.

c. Invest in an essential oil diffuser.

Smelling something calm and relaxing helps you work without stress.

6. Computer Wallpaper:

How can a computer wallpaper come under interior design, You ask? Well, It does not.

We humans always need changes. If you have plenty of pictures on your wall, one day or the other, they will stop having the same effect they once had. They simply stop inspiring you, they simply stop working their magic. But guess what! You can always change your computer wallpapers! As frequently as you can. Having a beautiful and inspiring wallpaper every time you look onto the screens will have a fantastic effect on your mood.

7. Reduce visual clutter:

Make sure everything in your office or desk has a place that it belongs to, you don't want to work on a cluttered desk. When things are cluttered space seems smaller than it is.

There you have it! A simple yet elegant workspace designed by you!


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