How To Do Your Indian Home Decor In Scandinavian Style Even If You Are On A Budget

Scandinavian Home Decor On A Budget In India

Written by: Neha Kalavati

Scandinavian design is not a new trend in the interior design world. Those aesthetically pleasing and visually satisfying interior decor pictures you see on Instagram, with indoor plants, white walls, and little colorful pop-ups here and there? Yeah, that's Scandinavian style, and it's been around for a while!

As an architect, I see the new trends flooding the interior design market all the time. Still, nothing has stayed put for a long time in the market like the Scandinavian design. There are very few decor styles that meet both residential and office design requirements and Scandinavian decor beautifully amalgamates both residential and commercial office spaces. I would recommend this style a hundred times over any other design. Scandinavian design is visually dreamy, whimsical, and amusing. It can never go out of style and is a delight to the sore eyes- all-day every day.

What is Scandinavian Design?

The term Scandinavia is quoted for three countries combined in northwestern Europe, Namely Sweden, Denmark, Norway.

The design emerged in the Nordic region (The term used to refer to Scandinavian countries combined with Finland and Iceland ) around the 1950s, inspired by nature and the harsh winter climate of Scandinavian countries.

Scandinavian decor stands for its simplicity and functionality. Clean lines and simple forms characterize it.

Minimalism walks hand in hand with Scandinavian style decor as it instills a sense of calmness.

Here, I have listed ten ways you can re-do your Indian abode into a Scandinavian heaven. Most of these are either easy modifications and will definitely won't burn a hole in your pocket.

#1: Paint Those Walls White!

The prominent trait of Scandinavian decor is white walls. It is basically the first dominant color you will notice in any Scandinavian home.

White and its shades ( offwhite, egg white, vanilla) make any room seem big, and reflect light making it look bright and lively. Since Scandinavian design relies majorly on minimalism, white and other neutral colors are given utmost importance.

#2: Add Fresh Botanicals

Since the Scandinavian design is inspired by nature, It is evident that the critical element of the design is adding fresh botanicals.

Green plants provide a striking contrast and a pop of color to the primary white walls and stand as awe-inspiring decor pieces across the house. It is a great way to add beauty to your home in a budget.

It feels like the breeze of fresh air is swirling in your abode.

Note: Live plants over fake ones are preferred.

#3: Let The Light In

The common attribute you will notice in every Scandinavian house is an abundance of natural light.

The white walls reflect ample sunlight flowing through the windows, and it instantly lightens up the room. The combination of fresh plants and natural light creates an outdoor ambiance inside your house, as though you are walking amidst the meadows.

#4: Pick The Right Colour Palette

The Scandinavian color palette includes neutral, muted, and pale tones.

Shades of whites, browns, greys, and blacks are most common in this decor style, although it shouldn't lead you to think that it's dull and boring.

Given that whites is the base color, every other color you pick will add a little pop up here and there.

Colors like sage green, blush pink, ocean blue, rose, grey-blue, mint are the great picks.

#5: Rugs and Textiles

Rugs and carpets are a fundamental part of Scandinavian decor. Rugs with chunky knots, or with simple doodle-y forms add character to space.

As mentioned in the point before this, fabrics follow the same color palette. The curtains are mostly absent in Scandinavian design due to the low availability of ample sunlight. However, here in India, we can go ahead with pale-colored transparent curtains that allow the light to enter. The prints on upholstery are quirky and fun and brings the whole space to life.

#6: Simple Decor Accents

The accents pieces in Scandinavian design are minimal and have multiple functions. Generally, there is no room for gaudy accent pieces, and tchotchkes are definitely not entertained. Part of what makes Scandinavian decor beautiful is its lack of loud, noisy pieces. Huge plants, minimal artwork, and the furniture itself can be accent pieces on their own. If you're keen though, large mirrors are a great addition to the walls as they bounce natural light and make the room seamless.

#7: Avoid Clutter

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." - Antoine De Saint

"Less is more" is the mantra of Scandinavian design. Decluttered, clean, and simple is what it takes to build a pretty basic yet classy Scandinavian style interior. Hence, only allow things that really matter into your space; and when anything stops being useful, give it away.

#8: Modern Furniture

In Scandinavian design, furniture acts as the principal focal point. Modern styled, light furniture is preferred over bulky ones. The edges are usually softened for a more elegant look.

If you're shopping for new pieces, consider heading over to Ikea. Or, if you're based in a location that doesn't have access to the store, check Pepperfry and Urban Ladder for basic, simple, and minimal pieces. You can also check Zefo for some great second hand furniture.

#9: Metal and Wood Combination

The beauty of Scandinavian decor is that metal and wood go hand in hand. As though designed to complement each other. woody texture is usually kept exposed (the floor is never covered with carpet), and the metal is seen in light fixtures mainly with brass or copper finish to give it an extragavent and classy look. Wooden tables are often combined with metal seating or vice versa- making it a good blend of two seemingly different textures.

#10: Add a Touch of You

People of the Nordic region live a pleasant and sustainable lifestyle. The home they live in reflects their thoughts, character, and what they believe in. Simplicity and sustainability reflect from all the Scandinavian houses because they firmly believe in it. Be it chunky knit blankets or organic fibers of the rug, or even the lively indoor plants.

So, in your home, add a touch of your principles and beliefs. After all, it is your abode, and it should never feel alien to you. It should ALWAYS evoke a sense of belonging. :)

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