How to Land Your First Job If Your College Doesn't Offer Campus Placements?

A complete guide to getting off-campus placements in India.

Written by: Isha

The final year of the college can be a stressful time unless you crack a good placement offer.

Although, if you are in a college which doesn’t bring in good companies with awesome packages, it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a decent job. You can always go ahead and pitch these companies yourself. How can you do that you wonder? Here’s this article to help you out!

This article mentions some ways which can still help you even if your college doesn’t offer best campus placements.

#1: Build A Strong CV

A CV is your first impression, and plays a vital role in defining you. It is like a thumbnail of a video- if you find it attractive and value-giving, you click on it to see what’s inside.

Likewise, a CV can be a driving factor to get a call for an interview. More often than not, a graduation student misses out on constantly upgrading their CV, which is rather an important thing to do in order to make you stand out, in a matter of 10 seconds.

Tip: Make a word document where you list down everything you do/you have done in college, like volunteering, projects, additional courses or skill learning, etc. so that when you sit down to build your CV/Resume, you have a list of choose from to add there. And, with every company and job profile, make minor changes in your CV to be more relevant to that particular company.

Here’s a guide to build a strong CV.

#2: Build A Strong LinkedIn Profile

Now, building a CV is not always enough. Leaving no chances of refusal, build a strong LinkedIn Profile as well, mentioning every possible detail of your work, projects and achievements.

LinkedIn as a platform alone can offer you job roles better than your college sometimes.

Are you confused about how to make the best LinkedIn profile for yourself? Here's a comprehensive video to watch-

#3: Look For Jobs on Web Portals and Groups

Web portals like,, keep listing out interesting job opportunities for freshers. Mostly, college students don’t get to see them (as they are not specifically searching for them) within the time frame.

LinkedIn is another treasure trove of opportunities. Once you create a good profile, make sure to look for jobs on LinkedIn as well, and apply using your profile.

They key is to apply for 50-100 jobs everyday, because it is all a numbers game in the end. If you apply for 100 jobs per day, in a month you would have applied for 3000 jobs. Out of these 3000, you just need to convert 1 and you're all set!

Tip: Follow some start-up groups online. They give out job opportunities when they require and working in a start-up at your initial stage gives actual learning experiences. They hire you on the basis of your sample work.

Some sources: Network Capital, Bengaluru Startups, Business Startups India, Google for Startups

#4: Look for Internships

If you fail to find a job right after graduation, looking for an internship is a great option. If they find you worthy and devoted enough, they are likely to offer you a job role as well, once you are done with the internship.

If not, you may pitch to other companies stating you have some experience in hand.

Tip: Go for quality internships during your college days itself, especially if you already know about the poor placement condition of your campus. You can find interesting internships on

#5: Consider Freelance

Another smart method to gain work experience is freelancing.

The best part is, you can carry it as a side-hustle during your college and companies will more likely be willing to hire you on the basis of your valuable experience beforehand. Research about the most important skill in your domain and find out if there are freelancing opportunities available or not. It may even serve as your main income after college. Who knows!

Tip: Go for some online courses to train yourself on subject-matter and later pitch to clients on social media platforms like Facbook Groups, Instagram and LinkedIN.

Here's a good video that you can watch:

#6: Apply in Job Fairs

Top cities conduct job fairs regularly and invite different companies at a single time, and allow you to sit for them. You can sit for multiple companies if the job-profile allows you. However, I personally won’t suggest you to look for it as the first option. The profiles offered in job-fairs are not the best, but if you're in dire need of a job, they can be a last resort.

Tip: Study for these job profiles thoroughly and gain some additional knowledge about the company before you enter for the interview and practice some typical interview questions.

Here's a basic guide to follow: Job Fair Recruitments

#7: Go for Certificate Courses

Go for certificate courses online/offline in order to gain additional knowledge and skill-base. This also brings in a competitive edge to your profile and gives you a specialisation of the subject.

Tip: Look out for the position that you want for your job and the skill you wish to carry as a professional. Choose a certification around that particular skill. For Example, if are looking forward to digital marketing, earning a certification in SEO gives you a specialisation.

Doing this may not give your immediate results, but after you complete the certification, you're likely to find better jobs more easily than before.

College placements are not the end goal. There are many options available for students to find employment after their graduation.

It is advisable however to start preparing for both on-campus and off-campus placements from the initial years of college itself. Make a difference when you still have time in your hands.

Picking up skills and specialising in them with regular practice is only going to make you stand out of the crowd and make you land to a right place. Hope this article helps you in some way, and lets you land to your dream job eventually! 😊

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