How To Turn Your Hobby Into A Side Hustle That Makes Money in 5 Easy Ways

Written by: Rupin Kale

According to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, being interested in the task at hand enhances your output by a considerable margin. When you love what you do, it not only helps you remain focused, but puts you in a ‘high-efficiency’ zone.

Turning your hobby into a side hustle might seem daunting at first, but it will pay dividends in the future. This secondary source of income – driven by something you enjoy – will lend strength to your financial independence, while helping you prep for a rainy day.

In this piece, we will aim to explore five ways in which you can turn your hobby into a side hustle.

#1: Use social media to your advantage

Today we have a powerful tool at our disposal that generations before us were not privy to. Through social media, we have a chance to understand, create and share powerful content every day. Social media gives you the chance to show your best (and worst) on various platforms; to form a special space that is developed solely from your personality.

Whenever you decide to pursue your hobby as a secondary source of income, you already have a ready-made platform to display your skills. Be it dance, food, music or sport – you can easily build a ‘hobby portfolio’ on your social media accounts.

This will help you in two things:

  • Creating a growing bank of your content

  • Building your personal brand

That gives us a perfect segue into our second point. Let’s drive straight in!

#2: Develop a personal brand

Having a personal brand is essential in 2020. In today’s world where employers are exposed to countless options, it is very important for you to have a brand that stands out. A side hustle will usually generate freelancing or contractual opportunities, which means it’s crucial for you to build long-lasting impressions on clients.

It is important for the employer to see your personal stamp in every assignment. This gives your content a special edge; an additional layer to make your client consider you for their next project.

Invest in incorporating your personality into your work product.

How to do this? Here are three quick ways:

  • Think about what you want your brand to represent

  • Make a list of everything that matters the most to you. Things like off-beat content, seamless work experience, strong ethics etc.

  • Create a lot of content on social media. CREATE more than you consume.

  • Do not stop yourself from making creative changes.

#3: Get in touch with experts in the field

For any new venture to develop into a powerhouse, guidance from mentors is almost always crucial. You do not need someone to hold your hand every step of the way, but having someone to turn to in times of difficulty is always helpful.

Advice from experts at crucial junctures can have a massive impact on where your side hustle goes.

Develop relationships with professionals in your area of interest, understand their stories and learn from their experience. Build strong bonds with experts you have known for a while, and if possible, identify a mentor who can guide you through your journey.

Staying in touch with specialists serves another purpose – it helps you get exposed to more ideas, thus adding to your creative process.

#4: Block time towards skill development

One of the most crucial aspects of any hustle – be it primary or side – is consistent development of the craft. Whether you consider yourself to be a beginner or a pro, it is very important to keep unraveling new layers of knowledge.

To do this efficiently, block out time every week to do nothing else but learn. Be it once a day, twice a week or thrice a month – do not fail to set aside time for growth. Use a calendar, analog or digital, to block this out.

Remember not to set unrealistic goals in the first few months, but to remain focused solely on development.

#5: Focus on consistency

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out” – Robert Collier

What adds another dimension to development is remaining dedicated to the process.

You might not get a stream of clients immediately after you start, but that’s when it’s vital to keep going. Consistency will help you on multiple fronts, including but not limited to self-discipline, efficiency, growth and understanding of the market.

None of the ways listed above will work unless you are ready to grind it out. Consistently. Keep your head down, dish out more and more content, and do not give up until you get that first assignment and then ... keep going!

To sum it all up, here’s your plan of action: post relevant content on social media, which will help you build a personal brand; get in touch with experts to steer yourself towards improvement; and remain consistent through it all.

Let us know what you do in the comments below. :)

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