Why Is It TOTALLY Okay to Not Have A Clearly Defined Career Path In Life

Written by Anuva Kakkar

We have been taught by our system to write an outstanding resume objective. Our education system perfectly works in a direction which tells us to get done with school followed by college, job and then 100% focus on promotion in the job. Am I correct? We have been asked and expected to give a clear and definite answer for “where we see ourselves at the age of 35” in interviews. And 99% of us fake it, at least in our first few job interviews.

The amount of time Indians spend at one particular job is declining. In today’s generation, there’s so much rage for achievement and success. However, millennials found themself stuck and often confused when it comes to defining a clear career path.

Well, You might find yourself obsessing and worrying too much about not having a career goal if you fall in any of the below-given categories.

  • You did your graduation in resource management, but do not want to do a job in Human Resources?

  • Did you catch yourself job-hopping too much?

  • You do not have an answer to the question “where do you see yourself 10 years down the line”?

  • You are passionate but love exploring rather than becoming a specialist in one field?

If you are any of the above, it’s great. Awesome! You have been self-doubting so much because you were never introduced to the concept of “Chief Everything Officer”. You are a perfect “jugaad”, a company needs. Therefore, first of all, calm yourself down. Well, this will make sense in a few minutes. Keep reading!

I am sharing why our community and I believe that it is okay to not have a clearly defined career path. Moreover, why it is beneficial and works in your favour in future. Your point of view can be different and we would love to know your opinion. Feel free to drop a comment.

#1. Not having a clear vision of a career path means you have the opportunity to explore yourself more.

We know very little about ourselves and that’s the reason we believe what others do. The surprising fact is, even those with clear vision haven’t explored themselves enough and decided to follow the conventional path. There are so many options but most of them are shut in our head. Therefore, you, with not so clear a career path, have the chance to go in-depth of your interest and potential. Know the range and take the risk to try everything you like. However, make a wise plan and take it gradually.

#2. You will grow rich in experience.

Without a clear vision for career plus “I will not settle for anything less” attitude makes you try out diverse fields. You have to learn to take risks along with experiment and by doing so, I mean, you can job-hop, freelance, learn new skills or experiment via launching a startup or anything else of your interest. This is how you will stand out by gaining experience.

#3. Not having a clear career path along with experiments makes you irreplaceable.

You must know that there is no need for a specialist in a world of automation and robots. There is a need for humans with practical and diverse knowledge. Specialised work can be done by science. Startups and companies need humans with original and analytical skills which you develop from allowing yourself to be open-minded to newer opportunities.

#4. You can build multiple sources of income.

How? Example, you worked as a copywriter in one of your jobs. Now, you got another exciting opportunity as a growth hacker and you decided to leave your current job. In the new role, you require a different set of skills. However, you have abilities in copywriting from your past job. Correct? So now, you have the chance to freelance your copywriting services and earn passive income along with working full-time in the new role of growth hacking. Makes sense? Later, you can stand out and teach others on how to get different revenue streams along with working full-time.

#5. You have a golden chance to grow your circle.

I changed my profile thrice after graduating and now, I am happy working. I would have never reached here if I did not try connecting with others who are senior to me and have faced a similar situation at their time. Sharing my story with them helped me get a great opportunity. Connecting and networking are required to grow your circle and from there, you might land up getting a fantastic role. As somebody without clear goals, sometimes, helps in getting bigger than what we think.

#6. You can become a leader by taking first-mover advantage.

When you are unsettled, you look for more options. Without a predetermined career path, you will have an itchy head which will ask you to keep looking for newer opportunities. For example, many young people are entering into the podcast industry as they discovered that audio business shall boom shortly. There is a high probability that these young podcasters will become the leaders of Indian podcast industry, as the trend for the podcast is at its initial stage in our country. Now, if you are someone with predetermined plans for the entire life, there is no chance that you look outside the comfort zone and think of tapping anything new. Therefore, humans without a clearly defined career path have the power to react fast to new trends and simultaneously become the leader by taking first-mover advantage.

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