5 Reasons Why Your Local Cafe Can Be An Inspiring Place To Work On Your Side Hustle

Written by: Shivani Chauhan

Raise your hand if you agree, that side hustles are a new line of survival in today’s fast paced business world. They are not only supposed to balance your livelihood, but also keep your creative juices flowing.

On the flip side, feeling uninspired or getting stuck in a creative block can be a natural effect of physical and mental strain. There are times when suddenly, there’s a surge of irritation and forlornness washes over you, leaving a trail of scattered thoughts.

But modern problems require modern solutions.

In times like this, setting a right kind of work environment could help flex your mind muscles and thought patterns. To help with this, the trend of working out of cafes has been catching up in India. Several cafes like Starbucks, Blue Tokai, etc. are also emerging as co-working hubs by providing a reliable Wi-Fi and other amenities, ultimately allowing local and remote working professionals to connect and grow.

Here’s why a local cafe can turn the whole process of working on your side gigs, more smooth and enjoyable-

#1: Serves As A Background For Concentration

Whether you choose a cosy quiet cafe or the one with bustling noises, sitting and working at cafes almost looks as if real life situations are buffering around you, which somewhere helps set your rhythm at work. The whole scenario of urban mobility easily fades in the background but keeps you sane, active and focused at work.

#2: A Tweak To Your Regular Work Routine

Working from home in your pyjamas all day certainly gives you a sense of liberation and comfort. But, once in a while you need to step out in order to bring a breath of fresh air that refuels your energy level at work.

Also, it goes without saying that working on something that has to come organically to you requires a little bit of variety. This dash of freshness could chip in with ambience, people, food, design and décor, which ultimately pulls you out from the rigmarole of daily chores and rewire your anxious brain.

#3: Boosts Productivity

Now you probably might be wondering that how a café buzz and a myriad of sounds could spike your performance on your side hustle, right?

Well, here’s the thing:-

  • It brings level headedness amidst chaos: As counter-intuitive as it may sound, there are many people out there who are able to gain a productive focus just by being around some kind of distraction. A 2014 study in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience found that white noise (the kind we hear in cafes) helps memory and may be effective in heightening productivity. No wonder why freelancers, YouTubers, branding consultants, writers and other creative professionals prefer to outshine their cognitive skills while working at these cafes.

  • Entry Into The Realm Of Ideas: It is no secret that magic happens outside of your comfort zone. Now since you are alienated from your zone of familiarity and normalcy at work environment, it provides you a whole new horizon to think, process and execute.

By keeping your eyes alighted on people waltzing into a coffee shop can actually keep your brain ticking. You get to observe a lot which sends your mind into new directions and boosts your creativity.

#4: Social Outlet For Networking

A café also serves as an emissary, an instrument to exchange conversations.

With varied people huddled in a café on a day-to-day basis, there are instances to foster connections that can certainly make a huge difference in your business. It wouldn’t be wrong in saying that you get to meet like-minded individuals with whom you can be open about your experiences and interests, and vice versa.

Moreover, sharing a table with people from different backgrounds could help you in identifying your audience expectations and build a foundation for your customer base. In the light of this, coffee shops are also emerging as co-working hubs by providing a reliable Wi-Fi and other amenities, ultimately allowing local and remote working professionals to connect and grow.

#5: Turns Your Monday Blues A Wee Bit Cheerful

Who doesn’t get all amped up after being subsisted on a good coffee while charging his/her creative senses?

Everyone has rough days, and sometimes a short commute to a local café to escape the monotony of 9-5 rejuvenates your soul. There’s a sense of contentment after exposing yourself to a new community, place and situation. It can prove to be one of those little things that instantly brighten up your day, just like a strong aromatic coffee lifts your mood.

The bottom line is that coffee shops can bring a new cadence at work for your side gig.

So, next time when you feel to snug in your bed or lack motivation to work on your creative assignments, then make an exception and walk over to a local cafe. It would make a huge difference in breaking your confined state and would help ideas springing to your mind.

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