Saloni Srivastava (Founder)

Saloni is the quintessential businesswoman who runs multiple online ventures while enjoying her bowl of freshly made Korean Ramen. She is a well-known YouTuber, a TEDx speaker, and the co-founder of India’s first e-commerce platform built specially for influencers- ‘Upfluen’. Saloni is also a mentor to multiple aspiring YouTubers and content creators all around the world. Personally, she goes by the saying- ‘Ambitious, But Lazy’.

Anuva Kakkar

Anuva is a graduate in Business Administration who works with various online businesses and helps them create phenomenal content. She is extremely dedicated to her work and serving quality in whatever she does is in her system. With a keen interest in bringing the unexisting, experimenting and initiating, she is also a founder of a beverage company. You can see her travelling around India and working her butt off. 

Suman Shekhar Sarangi

Suman is a Computer Science Engineer by education and a writer, athlete, bibliophile, and photographer by passion. You name it, he's done it. Many of his clicks have made their way across various photography exhibitions in India. He's currently working on 'A Hustler's Oasis', a rousing blog for Fitness, Health and Productivity. With a zest for life, Suman believes in mornings that start with a book and coffee, and days full of enthusiasm and positivity.


Isha is a Journalism and Mass Communication student, eager to explore the world outside her shell. On any given day, you’ll find her looking for good content over internet, scribbling random thoughts on a paper and making videos. She often wonders about the uncertainty of life but surprisingly finds it magical; wishes one day she opens her eyes to see herself living by the mountains.

Anagha Bhat

Anagha is a wedding planner turned digital marketer who also has a bachelor's in civil engineering. She has an eye for details, planning and organising, along with her love for writing, creating content & Instagram. She has either animals, travelling or food on her mind when she is not working. She does not want to settle in just any job, but explore the world of creativity and check where best will her skills take her.

Anushka Girdhar

A fashion technologist by profession and a writer by heart, Anushka has come from scribbling in journals since the age of 12 to creating content for digital platforms. Anushka is a yoga enthusiast and believes in remaining mindful during challenging situations. Although not too talkative, she will always have a book recommendation for you. She shares her articles, poems and book reviews on her Instagram page.

Steve Paul

Steve is an iGeneration Biotechnologist, on the expedition to live a Holistic and Minimalist lifestyle. He is always on the hunt to decode ways to augment productivity and explore life hacks. He sees himself as an old soul with an unusual taste for country music, sitcoms and boundless curiosity for tech. Personally, he is already on the uncharted path to discover his Ikigai.  

Neha Kalavati

Neha is an Architect turned freelance content writer based in Bengaluru, India. She runs a professional lifestyle blog curated for twenty-somethings called Life Bliss Design. She is an introvert at heart and loves to enjoy her chocolate ice cream and binge-watch FRIENDS. When she is not creating content, you can find her sipping masala chai with a self-help book in hand.

Shivani Chauhan

Shivani is a marketing student, who loves to incorporate words into all aspects of life. She is an impulsive reader, reviewer and a blogger who records snippets from her millennial existence. In a nutshell, she's a full-time introvert who strives to live a life full of passion and productivity. She believes that life's a beach, literally and figuratively, and is perpetually in awe of dogs, open spaces, and good food. 

Abhinit Modi

Abhinit is an engineer by vocation and a self-awareness enthusiast by avocation. He works in the education vertical of Google, focusing mainly on high school pedagogy. His interests are deep rooted in the field of meta-learning i.e. the art of learning to learn. He aspires to give people tools, frameworks to quit being a sheep, and derive a more purpose driven life. He also loves writing his whims out - stories, tech articles, blogs, you name it. Strumming his guitar and treating friends/family with food he cooks sums up most of his weekends.

Rudrapriya TG

Rudra is an avid reader who also writes occasionally. She is crazy about dogs, coffee and Disney movies. Currently obsessed with foreign languages, she can be found sitting in a quite corner immersed in apps that teach her to speak in tongues including a fictional one such as High Valyrian. This quintessential 90's kid aspires to live somewhere along the French Riviera and spend all of her time writing novels.

Mrunal Kale

Mrunal is an HR turned content writer who hopes to pen a book someday. She lives & breathes Bollywood and cannot function without her cup(s) of tea. She absolutely loves to party, and is known for her random dance jams. On most days she would be found grooving to a song on earphones in her own. A 90's baby forever.

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